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Graphic Designer. Manga/ Comic Artist.

Hi i'm Sofi. I live in a land called Australia. I know many things but my passion is in my art/drawing.

I LOVE CATS!! (and all other animals, but mostly Cats)

I like to: play video games, Roosterteeth, Yogscast, disney, anime, Marvel/DC superheroes, Fantasy, Most types of music, video games, pokemon, supernatural, etc. (Too many fandoms to list)

Feel free to ask me anything.
Posts I Like

So this is a picture I drew of a friend of mine on steam “Mottled Viking” when we were playing left 4 dead 2 and he was Ellis.

We were playing Dark Carnival, and because we couldn’t be bothered getting gnomchomski and bringing him with us he decided to pick up this gas and call it Henry.

And for most of the campaign he had the can with him, and I just in my mind thought it was so adorable. ^_^

However, RIP Henry, because he sacrificed himself to save us against the tank. <3