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Graphic Designer. Manga/ Comic Artist.

Hi i'm Sofi. I live in a land called Australia. I know many things but my passion is in my art/drawing.

I LOVE CATS!! (and all other animals, but mostly Cats)

I like to: play video games, Roosterteeth, Yogscast, disney, anime, Marvel/DC superheroes, Fantasy, Most types of music, video games, pokemon, supernatural, etc. (Too many fandoms to list)

Feel free to ask me anything.
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Part 2 is up. I finally got around to editing more. Yay!!

Might post another on Wednesday!

The Bomb Part 1 - Lighting The Fuse

LOL! XD I will always love this moment in Yogscast history!!

beautiful soundwave… such soothing sound waves….

beautiful soundwave… such soothing sound waves….

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That artist feel when


"shit that’s not right, let’s try again"



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Lindsay joins the fray! She hasn’t been in many minecraft episodes, but she’s in quite a few let’s builds at least.

Asker willthefred Asks:
If I was a RWBY character what kind of weapon do you think I would wield and why?
sakurabellstudios sakurabellstudios Said:

To willthefred

If you were a RWBY character, your title would be “Commander Wombat” and your weapon would be some kind of two handed weapon or a weapon in each hand. But my first thought was something like Lie Ren’s automatic pistols or maybe some kind of lighting hammer.

Does that sound good? Also is that what you meant or were you referring to “I” meaning “me”…?